Friday, May 29, 2015

Gap Minder

            The gap minder project was my favorite project because I learned how trends can be observed. For my project I compared alcohol consumption with fertility. I was surprised to see how different countries usually each have their own range of alcohol consumption which is linked to the number of children each woman has. There are other things that can affect these results such as poverty, disease, and how many kids the woman wants.

           Also, this project allowed me to see how outliers occur, and that not everyone will fall within the trend. One reason that there maybe wasn't much information in years previous to 2008 might be because no one studied the affects of alcohol prior to this time. The most interesting thing to me was I didn't realize that alcohol consumption can affect fertility. I thought it only affected a baby once it had been conceived. Overall, I really liked this project because it has more meaning than just some random statistics.