Thursday, June 5, 2014

After School Survey

This quarter I worked primarily on our BHS After School Activity Survey. We surveyed 50 students from grades 9-12 over 3 days. We asked the students a series of questions about how they spend their time after school. We were looking for how grade and gender affected the way students spent their time.

After the survey was complete we spent a day in class analyzing our results. We found a relationship in four graphs. The following differed by grade: amount of sleep, how students feel about their free time, how many hours per week students work, and how many hours per week students participate in an after school activities. We found major differences between seniors and other grades in two of our graphs. Seniors had a lot less sleep than other grades, and they spent less time participating in after school activities. Seniors who worked also spent more hours working than students in other grades. We chose to display our data through box plots, histograms, and bar graphs.

A major problem was that our graphs looked lumped together due to the fact that we had wide hour ranges on our multiple choice question options. The quality of this data could be improved by taking a larger sample size and asking more detailed questions. By doing this we would be able to better prove our theories correct or incorrect.

In this graph, it shows how seniors are sleeping much less than students in other grades. You can see here how students in grades 9-11 are very similar in amount of people in each sleep interval, while seniors have more students in the bottom two intervals. We think the reasoning for this could be that seniors are the oldest which means they work more, and have higher stress, leading to less sleep.

The first graph here is a graph of how senior are working a lot more hours than the other grades. The amount of people increases with each, in which seniors work the most hours. Freshmen work the least with the majority of the grade not working at all. The reasoning behind this is probably that since seniors are oldest they need to work more for college and other reasons. Freshmen aren't able to drive so that can be a factor.

In this graph, we compared grades in time spent participating in after school activities. As seen here, the seniors have a relatively low amount of students participating in after school activities. The Juniors have a good amount of students who did not do any after school activities. But the ones who did participate spent many hours doing it. Seniors had more people in after school activities, but they didn't spend as much time doing them. Freshmen and sophomores had equal amounts of people in after school activities and times spent doing them.

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