Friday, January 16, 2015

What Do Byron Seniors Eat?

What do Byron Seniors Eat?

During the beginning of the first quarter, the first project we did was an info-graphic on what Byron High School seniors eat. This project was beneficial to me for the rest of the quarter for a few reasons: first it showed me how to be creative, second it showed me the value of statistics, and finally it showed me how to gather data.

Creativity is a huge part of statistics, sometimes statistics prove to be boring and this leads others to not want to look at your data.  Therefore, they miss your message. The infographic project showed me how to arrange my data attractively in order to help other people get my message and understand the "story" of the data.

The second thing it taught me was the value of statistics. Statistics have a nasty stereotype as being boring, but doing this project taught me the value that they have not only to me, but to everybody in the professional world. If we were planning a class luncheon it would have been much easier for us to provide the food everyone would like compared to a blind guess. This is why large businesses use statistics in order to find out what the consumer likes as well as advertise what they have to offer. 

A large part of statistics is gathering data.  There are right and wrong ways to do this and this project showed me how to do it correctly. There are a few ways to gather data: we could have given them an open response if we wanted to find out exactly what they like, or we could give a few options in order to narrow it down to a smaller decision. There is also a right and a wrong way to gather data, disturbing people while it inconveniences them leads to bad data, because they will be irritated with you. In order to gather the best data you need to be polite and courteous. 

In conclusion this project taught me a lot about statistics, including data gathering practices, the value of statistics, and the beauty of creativity. If I were to do this project again, I would give more options in order to find out exactly what people like to eat. This project was a well designed project, that is why I think it was the best one we did this term.

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