Thursday, October 31, 2013

Course Improvement Project by Shemar Odell

The project, from statistics, that I chose to blog about was my course improvement project. Now this project is simply me going the different units and writing down the most necessary things in order to do well on the test for that unit. Now the reasoning I'm doing this for a course improvement project is a bit more complicated. I guess the best way to explain it would be to give you an example. So here is the situation, I'm prepared and ready for the test, so our teacher decides its a good idea to give every student a verbal mini quiz before the test. Now here is my problem, I know for the most part, what I'm talking about, but whenever someone grills me with questions like that, I always draw a blank. Its suddenly like we are speaking two completely different languages, and his words are going in one ear and straight out the other, with no comprehension whatsoever.

When I realized I had this problem, I decided to turn it into a course improvement project, but I didn't know how. So I thought, hey what's the best way I learn something new? And the answer is, I learn new things by learning about the big picture, then eventually getting to the very small details later. Know occasionally I would forget something along the way, which is basically the premise behind the project.

Here is a example from unit one:
  • Know the definition of the following terms 
    • individuals 
    • Subjects 
    • Variables 
      • Quantitative variables 
      • Categorical variables 
    • Frequency 
    • Relative frequency 
  • Know what the following graphs are and their advantages/disadvantages 
    • Bar graph 
    • Pie/Circle graph 
    • Histograms
This list is very simple and easy to understand. The farther to the left, the more general, and the farther to the right, the more specific. It goes in order from unit one all the way to unit seven.

By Shemar Odell

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