Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Final Review

Throughout this quarter in Stats I have completed multiple assignment, projects, and presentations, some fun and others challenging. My course improvement project, I thought, was my best work and could show how much time and effort I have put into this class. I did this projects with two of my friends, Nate Levy and Isaac Jestus.

We split up this project into three parts, I did the first three modules, Nate completed the last three modules, and Isaac put all the essay questions from the tests into multiple choice format. I then combined all of these to make one massive review for those who felt like they needed a review on the whole quarter, or those who feel they need to review certain modules can find that module easily with our neatly organized review.

This project showed me that I had to make sure I really used my time wisely so I wouldn't fall behind and lose points. It also showed me how teamwork was important, my teammates also had to stay on task or else we wouldn't all get done at the same time making the ones who are done first lose points. This also taught me that teachers have a super tough job trying to make up questions for homework and/or tests. It took me forever to finish the solutions for the review because I kept having to change the question because I either couldn't figure out with the numbers I had on there or there was no possible solution. The thing I had most fun with was making graphs that correlate with the questions I put on there. There are examples of my graphs are spread out in this Blog

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