Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nate Levy

We have learned many different things during this quarter of statistics. In the beginning of the year, we mostly focused on the core modules of high school stats, such as doing homework and taking tests. We have done multiple assignments, projects, tests, and presentations. In my own opinion, I thought I did my best work on the course improvement project. I put a heaping full of time and effort into this project. Ian, Isaac, and myself have been working on this project together. 

For this project, we decided to make another review and solution key for all of the modules we completed. We divided this project up into three different parts. Ian handled the first three modules with ease, while he left the harder modules; modules 4, 5, and 6 for myself to complete. On the other hand, Isaac made a whole plethora of multiple choice questions from the essay's on the test. We then combined all of these modules to create one gigantic final review. 

This project has taught me all sorts of different things. I really had to use most of my time during class working on this project. It gave me a whole new respect for teachers that have put their time and effort to make these questions and solutions. It also taught me about teamwork, and how important it can be off the field, like in a statistics classroom. If one person did not finish their part, then our whole review would have been slaughtered, and then we would not get a substantial grade. It took a longer time to finish the solution key than the original questions, because I actually had to calculate all of the answers. I had a lot of fun working on this together with my group, and putting together the huge final review. It was also a lot of fun making the questions, and using our brilliant, creative noggins to make them. 

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