Thursday, October 31, 2013

NFL QB rating through week 5

        I decided to spend some time gathering data on quarterbacks in the NFL through week 5 and put  the data into excel where I was able to recreate the passer rating and create my own overall quarterback rating. I combined passing and rushing to show that quarterbacks cannot only be based on passing because some quarterbacks do way more than that to help their team.  I found it extremely interesting to see which quarterbacks ended up on top and which ones were towards the bottom, a few of the rankings actually surprised me. The following are not the best 3 but they show how it can be different in both ways and pretty close depending on how the rushing yards affected.

It was a little hard because having to input that much data into an excel spreadsheet, is a little ridiculous.  Then I realized I didn't even need that much data for the project.  I only needed the data used for the NFL Passer rating and a few rushing stats to tweak the quarterback passer rating.  It was also hard to decide which things to switch so my formula would work and it ended up looking like :=(((Rule 1+Rule 2+Rule 3+Rule 4)/6)*100), but each of the rules have other formulas inside of them based on completions, touchdowns, interceptions and yards.  This was really just supposed to try to find a better way to classify NFL quarterbacks.

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