Monday, June 1, 2015


For the DMC project we basically explained what it is and what its objectives are.  We researched what their intentions were  and found a projected problem with the growth of population. Our problem was the overpopulation of the school districts surrounding the Rochester area. Our group focused more on Byron's growth, but we believe this same pattern will happen in the other towns too. We got most of our information from Jen Walsh from the district business office to get the data of the school's projected enrollment and the capacity of each school.

What I learned from this project was to come up with ideas and plan for them right away.  It wasn't a good situation when we only had a couple days left until we presented and still had basically nothing done.  I think we pulled through and put it all together rather fast and had a nice final project but I think it would've felt easier to present if we had started it earlier.

Something I took away from learning about the DMC initiative is that our surrounding area will go through drastic changes in the next 20 years. Before doing this project, I had no idea what the DMC was and what was happening; all I knew of was that Mayo Clinic was adding on a new building for more research and more labs but I didn't know this crazy project was happening.

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