Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Overall I think that the Infographic project was my favorite. It was my favorite becasue this is when I really learned how to work and communicate with other people besides doing work by myself. We asked many students a number of questions and based on the answers we were able to make statisitcally relevant data. Then we placed them into a single page and made it as appealing and easy to read as possible.
I think that the biggest and most important thing I learned isn't necessarily the stats part but working together in a group to accomplish a goal. This type of work has many life benefits. You will more likley considered to a job if you have good people skills and are to cooperate well within a group. I also liked it becasue my group members were the ones who how to score my performance not the teacher all the time.
The one thing I’m going to admit is that this was very fun. I know that math can be a bit much sometimes, and its very complicated in some sorts. But this was a very fun project. From asking my peers questions, to analyizng the data and putting them into easy, and understandable ways.

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