Wednesday, June 3, 2015

GapMinder Project

The GapMinder project was one of the best projects of this quarter. We learned how to identify the difference between causation and correlation. We also learned more about the countries that were outliers and why they were so high or low. There was also countries that moves horizontally more than up or down. 

For this project we were asked to make a video on Gapminder. We were to take data from the website and make a story from that data. We looked at the difference of the average income and Body Mass Index. On Gapminder there was countries like China or India that had average incomes but where pretty low on BMI. There were also small countries that stood out like Nauru that had a average income but a really high BMI compared to everyone else and the highest of all the countries we looked at. 

This project was good to identify causation vs. correlation. I was able to figure out how to use the Gapminder site and find if the two variables were caused by each other. Overall this project was good and helped us learn in a more creative way. 


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