Monday, June 1, 2015

Evan V -- Ultimate Frisbee Project

Through the second quarter I had even more fun than I did in the first quarter as far as projects go.  I go to do the Minute to Win it project and the Moneyball project which were both very entertaining.  The Minute to Win it one was fun.  Going through all the experiments and having people try them was very fun.  Some people struggled and that was fun to watch.  However my favorite project of the quarter was the Moneyball project.  My team did not fare very well in the draft but the overall concept was a lot of fun.  I love the movie and story Moneyball, and am all about sports.  I follow the NFL draft a lot and so this was fun for me to analyze different prospects.  This project was unlike many that I've done in high school, in a good way,  I had a lot of fun with it and loved the real world application.

The image above is our spreadsheet from our project.  We had to make our own stat and with that we were able to sort players by overall.  First we made Defensive Overall where we added defense short thrown at and defense long thrown at. This you want a very low number because it will mean you are not thrown at often because you are that dominant. Next we made Offensive overall where we added short catches and long catches. This you want a very big number. We subtracted defensive from offensive to get your overall where you want as big of a number as possible. That number is your player overall which we then ranked our players by it.  Our stat failed horribly however!! We made a few big errors with it including highlighting the wrong row in our spreadsheet.  This was not smart of us, and lead to us failing horribly.  Along with this we were later advised that we should've used percentages instead of raw data.

Even though we did not fare well with the results of the project the idea of it and everything leading up to it was very fun.

Overall the class was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the freedom that came with it being an online class.  I would recommend everyone to take this class and would especially encourage them to do it online.  Not that I don't like you Mr. P ;) but the way I learned this quarter was much different than in the past and I think that has helped me become a better student.

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