Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Statistical Study of Cosmic Brownies

We had this idea while we were looking at pinterest.  There are many copycat recipes out there and we chose this because it was going to include cooking and I rather like brownies.

We chose seniors to be our population.  We used volunteers and randomized the groups.

We had four different tests. We did the first two tests varying the order and the last two with identical brownies.

We originally predicted that people would like the cosmic brownies more than the copycat brownies. That was until we tried the difference.  You can easily tell which one was store bought.  I used to think that Cosmic Brownies were amazing until I did this project.  

Clearly, as our graphs show, other people could also tell which brownies were store bought. 

It was really interesting to see how their preference of brownie was impacted by which one they ate first.

Just note that due to our small sample size our data was not statistically significant.

By: Siobhan Chantigian 

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