Thursday, May 29, 2014

Would you Rather...?

For this project we took a survey of both freshmen and seniors at Byron High School. We randomly choose twenty freshmen and twenty seniors from the whole class list. We decided to ask them simple questions and only give them two options but we were able to easily analyze and compare the data. We asked them questions about life love and scattered topics, but the results were actually really interesting. We asked them a total of twenty questions but choose to only create graphs for the questions that had data that was worth analyzing. After we collected our data we started to look at all of the results to see what we found interesting. We then created a nice visual with Piktochart, and we made colorful graphs for the reader to easily tell what we found in our survey. We also found confidence intervals for each question/ graph.  The data that we collected could have been expanded on by others and see if they find other data interesting. If I were to do this project again I would have made sure that our sample was a stratified random sample, so the amount of people we surveyed from each grade were proportional to the size of the grade. I think it also would have been a good idea to stratify our sample to gender too so they can actually be proportional to the number of each gender in our whole population. I would have also have asked them fewer questions because it took quite a long time getting everyone to take our survey. 
By: Molly Petersen

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