Thursday, May 29, 2014

College Survey

For this project we took a survey of all of the seniors in the 2014 graduating class.  In this survey we asked them if they planned on going to college and where they planned on going.  From this we were able to get a visual image of just how far the senior class was spreading out in the upcoming years.  We were also able see how many people were going to community and technical colleges vs. the number of students going to 4-year colleges.  I thought it was interesting to see people going as far as Wyoming and Virginia.

Another thing that was cool to look at was the acceptance rates at the different colleges students planned on going to.  We found that one of the colleges, the one in Virginia, had a 33% acceptance rate.  Lastly, it was interesting to see where students seemed to cluster.  There were quite a few going to RCTC and also high numbers going to Winona.  Overall, I think it would be really interesting to keep doing this survey every year for each senior class and then compare them to previous years.

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