Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pizza Survey!

My favorite project this quarter was the pizza survey I did with Molly and Alex. We bought two types of frozen pizza, one cheap, one expensive, both thin crust. We then had students eat one slice of each and record which pizza they thought was the most expensive.

Looking back, we introduced some bias by asking which one people thought was the most expensive. We should have just asked which one was better, thus not telling people there was actually a difference.
We also weren't able to keep track of all the students eating pizza, and some people got multiple pieces. Although this didn't really effect our data, it was still annoying.

After analyzing our data, we are 99% confident that 77% to 100% of students can determine which pizza is the most expensive. Going into this project, we weren't sure if we could really prove anything, but looking back, this confidence interval clearly proves that the expensive pizza we used was better than the cheaper pizza.

To make a general prediction about cheap and expensive pizza, we would need to test more types of pizza, in order to find if our data was a one time occurrence or a general rule for all frozen pizza.

By Luke French

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