Thursday, May 29, 2014

Would You Rather...?

This project was focused on the difference between those who have but started their high school journey and those who are about to leave for college.  It also looked at the difference between the sexes. My group and I commenced our project by finding both "Would You Rather" questions online as well as creating our own. We then used a stratified random sample to choose those that we would survey. We distributed our survey, then analyzed our responses, which can be found to the right. This was by far the best project that I participated in. It was well thought out, and we experienced little to no problems throughout the entire process. Perhaps the most interesting thing that we found was that nearly 20 percent of students would rather give up their friends than their computers. However, there is a grey area around some of our questions where our confidence interval was extremely wide. Besides that, the rest of the data came out how I thought it would.  This was my favourite project, and for someone who is very lazy I was abnormally on task, and we finished this project quickly. My favourite statistic that we found was that seniors are nearly even on their preference of movies v. books while the freshmen are much more biased towards movies. I don't know exactly what that means since that would require assuming, and you know what they say about assuming...

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