Thursday, May 29, 2014

Class of 2014 College Map (:

This project was by far by favorite this quarter, because I wanted to see where everyone is going and how many went out of their box to enter college in another state.  This also shows how many are wanting to experience the college lifestyle by getting out of the house.  For this project, we asked pretty much the whole senior class where they plan on attending college in the Fall of 2014.  Once we gathered all our information, we started grouping them together by college and which state they belonged to.  For this part of the project, we filled the states according to how many BHS students were going to attend that college.  As you can see from this graph a lot of students are staying around this area and a couple are being adventurous and veering off to other states.  One of our fellow classmates is going as far as Virginia, which only has a 33% acceptance rate.  The majority of students, 26 of them, are attending RCTC right here in Rochester and Winona which accounts for 13.  We also have about 5 students going to college and playing a sport, which I found very interesting. This data matters because it is true information about our fellow classmates and it shows how many students are veering off in their own paths to start another chapter of their life.

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