Friday, January 24, 2014

This quarter I worked on my survey about how much kids liked math within the Byron School District. I finished getting all of the surveys that I could from the rest of the teachers that I need them from. I was able to get a few more grades done. In the high school mat department I was able to Algebra one done. So I was able to get a few more grades done although I haven't found a more efficient way to get my data where it needs to go with out me having to tally the results and then having to put it there. I have had a hard time
getting some teachers to have the time to do it.

The part of this project that I found to be surprising is the fact that there was three main group responses. One was either I like math, or I am on the dislike to hate side of it, or I don't mind it but I'm on the indifferent side of it. There were some responses like people who wanted to make math more fun by chewing gum or having take home math tests all of the time when tests were given. I honestly thought that just about all of the kids that were surveyed would say that they hate math. Those are the things that I found surprising to me.

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