Thursday, November 7, 2013

Greatest Sport State of the US (currently)

Sports fans around the US each have their own claims on what team is best and which state has the best sports.  Is there a way actually figure out who is the best of the best? I decided to come up with a way to calculate who really is the sports state of america and I displayed this throughout my project.  First, I looked through all 50 states, plus Washington D.C., and took the teams that had at least one MLB, one NFL, and one NBA team and threw out the rest.  I figured this would show the states that were overall the sports state, rather than dominating in one or two types of sports.  This gave me a total of 15 states (Washington D.C. included). I looked at each state and wrote down every MLB, NFL, and NBA team they had. Then I went onto ESPN and found the winning percentages of the past three completed seasons for each individual team.  After that, I calculated the average winning percentage of those three seasons.  If a state had more than one team of the same sport, I then made an average winning percentage for that sport. If they only had one team, I would just use that single team for the sport average.  Finally, I found an average of each sport to show the state's overall winning percentage.

 I displayed all of this in a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
After many calculations I found the top states/teams for each sport 

And last but not least, I determined that Massachusetts is the overall best sports state of the US based upon the last three seasons.  (Meanwhile, we unfortunately have Minnesota in last place) 

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