Monday, November 4, 2013

Football Tendencies

My favorite project that I did was my Football Tendency Project. I really enjoyed doing this one because it was about a subject that I really enjoy talking about. That being football. This project didn't take a whole lot of time to do but it definitely wasn't an easy subject to get the stats from. There was a lot of calculating to do, to get all of my information. I was able to use our football team's Hudl program to get a lot of the formations and things so that I had good data. That way I didn't have to watch 8 games worth of film to get all of the formations and the amount of times the plays were ran. I was able to scratch the data with the website.

I took all of the formations and the amount of times they were used against us, from the past football season, to be able to predict what teams would want to do in order to be successful against our team. Then I was able to calculate which formations were most commonly used against our team.

There was also a lot of things that I was able to learn from using this program to get my information. The first thing it taught me were the skills to be able to use this website further during my football season. I learned how in depth the website went into all of the stats that the coaches enter into the system. I was able to see the top 3 plays the team ran out of each formation and which side of the field the play most likely went to. That right there is a project in itself. The second thing that I was able to pull from the data, were the most used formations: Trips Gun, White, and Pistol. This is indeed something that the coaches I'm sure know, but didn't put on Hudl. A lot of my data I believe is dependable, but all of the stuff is from the last year, and teams change year by year, and become less and less predictable as they pick up on the teams schemes against them.

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