Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perfect Person

I wanted to come up with a project to find what makes someone The Perfect Person/Students.  I watched videos online and read comments left by other people to see what they believe makes the perfect person.  I then researched what characteristics would be a good list and then trimmed them down to get a exact list.
First, I came up with three categories to put all of my characteristics under.  Those categories were Society, Economy, and Future Family.  After I got my categories, I started to make a list of key characteristics that I thought would be important.  We put each characteristic into the three categories that we created.  Once we had a list of characteristics, we decided to find a way to measure every characteristic and get a number for each one.  Then I found pictures and made a slideshow on Haiku Deck on my iPad.  I then later created note cards and shared my project with the class.

This was my economy slide.  The characteristics that I put under economy were smarts, independent, efficient, and fixing your mistakes, growing/improving.  I put how to measure these on my note card and shared it to the class.

I learned that you can basically use statistics with everything.  You can find ways to measure characteristics using numbers.  I learned how to classify things based on how important they are to make someone the perfect person.  There are many ways people can describe a perfect person but I believe that I came up with some of the most important ones.  I struggled with this project a little bit because it wasn't easy to actually come up with an exact list to share under each category.  There were so many options to choose from that I had to think about what ones meant the most.  I think that the research was the most tough spot as I said before that there were so many different options.  This was a very different and weird question to deal with.  I had to deal with new factors every time that I read something new during my research.  I could have done this project the whole quarter and I still would be working right now.  I had to deal with it and just come up with a list that I thought was correct.  I believe that this would be a good project to do with like 5-6 people so you could find more information and then put all of them together to make one big project.

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