Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perfect Student

Everyone has their own description of what the perfect student is. It varies from person to person. Taylor and I created a survey to figure out how close our sample, which happened to be students from statistics class who took the survey. There were 29 students who participated in the survey. We picked out 19 characteristics that we felt were the most important. We also chose the ones that we believed were the most important and that the class would find the most important too.  The order of most important in the class is below.

Here shows what Taylor and I thought was the most important compared to our sample.

We took the highlighted characteristics and weighed them in our formula because those were the ones that the class cons
We found that most of the class ranked themselves in the 3-4 out of 5 range. The graph below displays the average responses from the samples along with the perfect student score.

This is how our sample measured up against the perfect student. Out of 190 points possible our sample received 154.2414 points all together.

This survey was really fun to put together but there are some flaws. Since people did put themselves mostly in the 3-4 range out of 5, it makes the data not too accurate. People tend to think that they are better then they actually are. Next Quarter we plan on doing this survey again while having teachers and peers assess the students along with themselves.

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