Thursday, November 7, 2013

Math Survey of the school district

This quarter I had to do a project that was for electives and I had a hard time thinking about what to study. Then Mr. Pethan suggested that I write down ideas about thing that I really disliked and hated. So I wrote down a few thing and then realized that the one thing that I really hated was math. I decided to survey a class from every grade to get a more proper representation of what other kids liked about math or what they didn't like about math.

So first off I had to do a cluster sample and picked one classroom from every grade.  The first thing that I did was make the survey, then I picked all of grades 1st through 8th graders and then I picked 4 math classes in the high school that I was going to survey. After I got the classes figured out I sent emails to the teachers that I wanted to survey there classes and got there permission to do it. Next I set up a date that work for them all to take it and then I went and got it done. Here is Mrs. Fuchstieners 4th grade class results:

Throughout the course of my project I learned that paper copy surveys are really time consuming and fairly boring to go through and look through them all. I have a hunch that most of the elementary and part of the middle school kids that will take my survey will like math while a few of them won't like math. I learned that even when kids are young they are pretty smart people for their age because of some of the answers that these kids give. One of the response that I got was a great one or at least I thought that it was. It said that math needs "To get rid of some words that mean the same things as other". I guess the one main thing that I learned was that even kids in elementary school thinks that math needs to be more fun than what it already was. Over the years math has not only got less fun but more troublesome to the majority of the people. I was talking with my parents and they told me that math has changed so much over the past few years they never even heard of it or would know how to do it anymore. Today even in school I hear even some of the smarter kids say that math isn't what it used to be. So those are the things that I have learned and observed. My point of this project is to see what makes people either like math or hate math. 

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