Thursday, November 7, 2013

Perfect Student

This quarter, Hope and I worked together on a perfect student project.  The idea of this project was to find a way to rank students on their qualities, not just their grades.  We came up with a list of 19 characteristics we found important.  We asked students to rank the importance of each characteristic on a scale of 1-5.  After getting results from the survey we averaged the results to figure out what characteristics were most important.

Results from Survey
We compared our results to what would be the perfect student.  The perfect student would have a score of 5 (light purple).  The average we got shows our ranking out of 5 (dark purple).

Average of the Results we got

Along with finding the most important characteristics, we asked students to rank themselves on a scale of 1-5.  From these rankings, we found the average of their answers to find their ranking.  The top 5 characteristics (trustworthy/honest, respectfulness, responsibility, dedication/hard working, and standing up for what you believe in) were weighted stronger then the other characteristics.  From this we found the maximum, minimum, median, and mean.  

Maximum:    4.32
Minimum:    1.68
Mean:          3.7
Median:       3.84

Even though the class rated themselves, I don't think everyone was completely honest about all of the characteristics.  To continue this project next quarter, we will be ranking people on these characteristics based on what we see -- hopefully the results will be more exact.  We may also ask teachers or other students to rank some students to see how accurate the students ranked themselves.  From this project I figured out what qualities were important to students.  One thing that shocked me was eagerness to learn was on the bottom of the importance ranking.  I thought it would be more important.  I learned that no student thinks they are perfect so if we were to use this ranking over our GPA, the top person would not have a perfect score like the top for GPA could have a 4.0.

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