Thursday, November 7, 2013

Teacher's Expectations

I worked on a group project on what high school seniors are expected to accomplish vs. what high school seniors are capable of accomplishing.  I did the teacher's perspective for surveying.  These were the average results of 16 randomly selected teachers:

How many hrs. seniors should spend on ALL homework in one week?
How many hours of work should a senior do a week?

How many hours of sleep should a senior get each week?

How many hours on extracurriculars (sports, volunteer, music) a week?

How many hrs. should a senior have a week of free time?
avg. hours/week15.816.456.213.813.7

As you can tell from the table above, seniors are expected to be quite productive in a week with only 168 hours.  Here is the work I did to show that there are not enough hours in a week based on teacher perspective.  (I rounded to the nearest hour since students will vary anyways). 

Hours in a week 168
Homework hrs. -16
Work hrs. -16
Sleep hrs. -56
Extracurricular hrs. -14
"Free time" hrs -14
School hrs. -35

This leaves us with 17 hours in a week and we have to include prep time (amount of time to get ready) in a day which is about 7 hours in a week.  Leaving us with 10 hours!  Then you need to eat which is about 1.5 hours a day leaving us with NEGATIVE 0.5 hours in a week!  That does not include our transportation from Point A to Point B during a week-long time period.

I tried to work mostly on what teachers expected from us while Manda got the students perspective.  First we took all the different departments of teachers and did an SRS to get teachers to survey from each department.   We were going to survey 20 teachers, but we had 4 teachers as undercoverage because they weren't in the building while we surveyed.  After we asked all the teachers the survey questions, I made a table with the data.  I found the average hours per week for each question (the first table above).  Then I included school, eating, and prep time to get the results.

I learned that to take a decent survey you need to be very specific on the questions you ask, how you ask them, and who you ask.  It all needs to be worked out so you try to not have bias.  It's difficult to survey when you know what you want the results to be!

The point of this survey was to prove that as a senior in high school, a lot is expected from us!  Of course, every senior is different and results may vary from senior to senior.

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  1. This is an excellent post!

    The question now becomes, how do we change education to make sure students are getting in everything the teachers feel they need, while still allowing kids time to be kids? Something's got to give.

    I especially like your methodology of adding in more than just what was asked that also affect student's lives: the basics of living. People have to eat. People need time to get dressed and drive and anything else that also happens. Taking into account the ENTIRE picture, not just what revolves around school.

    Very, very good work, Katie!

    I wish you, your classmates, and Mr. Pethan would be tapped for designing the coach's survey that's sent out to parents in the district. I have a feeling you'd get good, specific data that could be used effectively.