Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Most Dangerous Place to Live

For our project we found out the most dangerous state to live in America. We collected data on different topics that could make a place dangerous. We made a graph of each category and then made a graph of all of the factors combined. We made z-scores out of the data we found to make a ranking system. We choose 8 different factors that made the state dangerous. We choose murders, heart disease, pneumonia, lung cancer, traffic accidents, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. We used per 100,000 people in each state for murders, heart disease, pneumonia, lung cancer, and traffic. For earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes we based it off per square mile.  We made graphs for each individual factor and made a mega graph showing exactly what state was the most dangerous. The scores helped us rank each factor and showed how important it was. We found out that Louisiana was the most dangerous state and Utah was the safest state. It seemed like the southern states were more dangerous. They were in hurricane range and also could have tornadoes. They also had a high rate for heart disease because they were the more overweight states.

I learned a lot about America from this project. I know where I want to live when I'm older. What to look for and avoid when I find a place to live. Avoid places that allow smoking and avoid fast food. I learned how to make a graph. It turned out to be very easy. I remembered how to make z-scores from our data. It seemed like the south east was the worst overall because they had a lot of heart diseases, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There health wasn't the greatest and heart disease was caused from all the bad food they tend to eat. Minnesota and Utah were the safest mainly because they had no real threats. They both don't have a lot of huge cities and little natural disasters. Healthy life styles will also lower the chances for diseases.

If I did this project differently I would add more categories to make our mega graph even more accurate. If we had more time we could do it by city not state to make it even more exact.

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