Friday, January 24, 2014

Black Friday

Thinking of a project to do was a difficult task for me.  I couldn't quite figure out what to do.  Then, I realized that Black Friday was in a week and it would be perfect to conduct a survey on the preferences and happenings on Black Friday.  There are many different times, items, places, and money totals involved with this huge shopping holiday and I was very curious to find it all out. I looked online, trying to find information and data, but it just wasn't giving me what I wanted.  I decided to conduct a survey and have about 20-50 students take it.  I had one person at each table in lunch A take the survey.  The survey was 13 questions.

Here is what the survey looked like:

After we collected the survey results, they were put into a spreadsheet where we could compare all the results. We took key parts of the data and found averages. This gave us an idea of exactly what is most common with certain things on Black Friday. Then, we displayed it in a powerpoint using visuals to provide a better understanding of the stats we collected. 

Here are the powerpoint slides:

This project provided me with a better idea of what is common on Black Friday and opened my eyes to the variety of times, items and people involved with it.  I think if I had more time to work on this, I would look into providing a more detailed survey and using a much bigger sample size.  This would give a better variety of ages, rather than just high school students.  Overall, doing this project was very interesting and something I actually wanted to learn about. 

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