Friday, January 24, 2014

Non-profit Project

I’ll admit, the non-profit project sounded like it was going to be a huge hassle. In some retrospect it was. Finding an organization to work with was one of the most challenging parts. At first we called the Ronald McDonald house, but to no avail, they ended up having nothing for us to work on. We then turned to the United Way, because of the fact that my mom volunteered there.

When the lady named Becky at the United Way got back to us with some work to do it was a huge relief. It also felt pretty cool that we had to sign nondisclosure agreements. The main problem though was that none of us knew how to type a report, and her directions were very vague. So at first, we all got together and tackled the first report. It was a slow process, but the report turned out fairly good. However, Becky  wanted graphs and for the next reports to be more summed up. So, we talked to Mr. Pethan, and decided to split into two teams to tackle the remaining reports. Initially, we tried to use Piktochart, then Microsoft word for the reports, but finally realized, with the help of Mr. Pethan, that Google Presentations was the best bet. We finished all the slides, converted them into PDF and then shipped them out to Becky. She liked them, which was very gratifying, and only had us tweak a few minor things.

If I were to do this project again, I wouldn't really change much, except that we would of used Google Presentations right off the bat. Splitting into groups was a good thing, but working on the first report together kind gave everyone a feel for what we wanted out of these reports. This project was definitely the most challenging part of this class, but it was also the most rewarding. There was a much larger sense of purpose while doing this project, because of the fact that it was for an outside organization and that it was going to be put to used for something important. Overall, i’d recommend that you continue to keep the nonprofit project as part of the class, maybe make it optional though for the next class.

Below are some examples of the reports we typed, but censored slightly

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