Friday, January 24, 2014

Get to the Fork

One of the statistics projects this 2nd quarter was the Minute to Win it team project. The directions were to make a game that could take under a minute to play and collect data from the subjects results. For the team me project, Levi, Sam, and I diced to do our project with forks, nickels, and quarters. We taped forks upside down, and had subjects roll quarters and nickels towards the spaces in between the prongs of the forks to get the best score. If they got it between the prongs of the fork, they got 2 points. If they just hit the fork, it was 1 point. If they completely missed it, they only got 0 points. After all the subjects went, we tallied up the score and got the results.

Subject nameFirst?Quarter (points)Nickel (points)DifferenceObservationsScore
1Q15-4Right handed, hard throw6
2N12-1Right handed, light throws3
3N202Right handed, light throws2
4Q12-1Right handed, rolls went to the left3
5N541Right handed, quick rolls9
6N12-1Right handed, smooth rolls3
7Q14-3Left handed, quick rolls5
8Q24-2Left Handed, light rolls6
9Q651Right Handed11
10Q532Right Handed, threw softly8
11N68-2Right handed14
12Q25-3Left Handed, alternating thows7
13N642Right handed10
14N422Right Handed,6
15N330Right handed6
16N761Right Hand13
17N303Right Hand, quick throws3

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