Friday, January 24, 2014

Quarter 2 post

The one and only big project I worked on this quarter was the Call of Duty Statistics. This presentation consisted of getting information on every single gun in the game Call of Duty Ghosts. I also worked on this glorious project with Ian Whitney and Michael Hanson.

We took very tedious steps to analyze the data. We found a website that had all of the stats of all of the guns including stats on the damage, fire rate, accuracy, and headshot multiplier. We put all of those stats into excel, and found the z-scores for all of the stats. We all worked together well, and did our parts equally.

After that, we started making the presentation. We went into extreme detail on the presentation, and I think that it looks awesome. I'm so proud of my boys, and the way we all worked together to make this awesome presentation. We put a ton of effort into making it. Also, we had all the info for each and every gun on Call of Duty Ghosts. We even ranked them all by their class (AR, submachine, snipers). We also ranked them as a unit overall, and found out statistically, the top 3 guns were all snipers and rifles.

We then managed to do our own test on the top 10 guns, and found out that assault rifles actually performed better than snipers and rifles. I thought that we made the setup of the games pretty well, and pretty accurate. We tried as best as we could to leave out as many variables as possible.

This project really helped me out in not only just playing Call of Duty, but in many other different ways as well. It also helped me put a more organized presentation. Also it helped me on finding the z-scores, and ranking things statistically. I feel very confident in this project, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

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