Friday, January 24, 2014

Politics: A Treasure Chest For Stats

Politics: A Treasure Chest For Stats
Throughout this second quarter of stats at Byron High School I have taken a deep dive into the complexities of political momentum. I used the 270Soft company's election simulator to test how certain aspects of elections affect the outcome. This simulator allowed me to test variables like: endorsements, crusaders, foot soldiers. name notoriety, endorsement cash, media attention, scandals, and so on. All of these aspects were tested one at a time in the simulator and data was collected in an excel spreadsheet. After I tested all of the variables I was able to put the data into a simple percentage equation to get this chart:

As you can see endorsements are the most influential on political momentum, which makes complete sense due to the fact that many voters follow a single politician with great earnest. This chart shows how political momentum influence was broken down throughout this simulation testing process. This information then allowed me to create variable based question to survey people in my school. I surveyed each grade as a strata using questions based on these variables above, allowing the questions to potentially make a change in the political momentum for a candidate. Below are the results of the political leniency information for each grade at Byron High School. 

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