Friday, January 24, 2014

Sam B

My favorite project I did this quarter was the pancake experiment I did with Michael, Nicole, and Justin. In this experiment we had each subject try two different kinds of pancakes. One kind was regular, and one had cake mix mixed with it. I liked this experiment because the results were interesting and I love pancakes.

One of the main problems we had with this experiment was how the pancakes looked.  The cake mix ones did not turn out nearly as well as the regular ones.  I think that the appearance of the pancakes may have had something to do with how many people liked them.  It would have been a good idea if I had brought my non stick pan with me to class because we couldn’t find very much pam.

To test which was better we made a bunch of pancakes and cut them up and gave each test subject a sample of each and some syrup to dip them in.  It was hard to survey the whole class because some of the first subjects told their friends that the pancakes weren’t very good so they didn’t want to take the survey and said they were “busy”.

Overall people liked the regular pancakes over the cake mix ones, but it was very close.  From the results we got you couldn’t really say that there was a definite winner.  This experiment definitely could have been done better, but this one was easily the most memorable out of the ones I did this quarter.

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