Friday, January 24, 2014

Quarter 2 stats

Quarter 2 stats we worked on two projects. The first project we worked on was making Dan's dice football game into a computer game. We used a program called Python to make it. The second project we worked on was our final project which was for the United Way. We had to analyze their surveys for them.

Our first project we started to work on was our dice football game. Dan had made this game earlier and he brought it in. We decided to make it into a stats game by using a program called Python. We didn't know much on how to make a computer game so we had to research a lot on how to do it and had Mr. Pethan help out a lot. The first thing we did was play the board game to get how its played and learn all the rules and strategies. Then we started making the game on python. The coding was pretty confusing, so we needed a lot of help, but we started out by getting the standard rules down. For example, We made a touchdown function so there was a way to score and a first down function. We also made a sack, interception, fumble, field goal, passing, and running functions. We used three dice for the offense and two dice for the defense. After we got all the standard stuff made we made an AI player which allowed us to play against the computer. We had to make our own strategies to see whose was the most effective. This project was a lot of fun and really interesting. It didn't have a lot to do with stats but it introduced us to other things.

Our second project was our final project which was to analyze some surveys for United Way. They wanted us to make their surveys easier to read. So we made a power point of all their data. We would make graphs of all the survey questions that involved multiple choice questions so they could tell exactly how often one answer was selected. For the free response questions we would summarize all the answers and right a short statement of what they all meant. This project helped us a lot in understanding this kind of work and how to work together and split up work in a team.

If I had to do these projects again I would want to research and learn how to code better so we don't have to rely on Mr. Pethan for help. I also would want to just work on this and not have to worry about the modules and final project. We never got to completely finish this project like we wanted too because we had to do other work. The United Way project was pretty interesting too. The only thing I would want to change is have the United Way explain what exactly they wanted because we were confused for awhile on that. I feel that we got a lot out of these projects and had fun doing it. They were really interesting and it was easy to stay on task by letting us have so much freedom on what we could do.

This picture shows our field goal function and a couple other functions from our dice football game.

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