Friday, January 24, 2014

The Most Dangerous State

We chose 8 different factors that made the state dangerous. We choose murders, pneumonia, heart disease, lung cancer, traffic accidents, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Each state we did we did 100,000 people.  We made graphs for each individual factor and then we made a z-score and then made a ranking system using z score then made a mega graph. Louisiana was the most dangerous state followed by Mississippi and Texas. The most safest state was Utah followed by Minnesota and Vermont. The southern states were the most dangerous because they lived next to a hurricane could happen and tornadoes happen.

I learned more about how to use z score better. I learned a lot about America and where most of natural disasters happen and also where some caused deaths happen like smoking and people get lung cancer. I found out where I would want to live and where I wouldn't want to live. I found out to make an easy way to make graph then put them on cool power point website.

If I did this over again I would probably add more causes of death. This was a very fun project. It was a cool way to find out where the safest places to live and not to live.

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