Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Failure Survey

During the 2nd Quarter, the most memorable project that I did was with Chris Roberts. We did a Failure Survey as our final project. Mr. Pethan wanted to know what went on in the minds of students. We asked him specifically what part of their mind that he wanted to know about it. His response; "what do students think about Failing?" We set up a survey for students to take, along with some parents. Jen Hegna was a huge help for us. She helped us come up with the comments and configure a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. We got this survey out pretty late but it didn't stop students from doing it, and having us get some results. With about 27 people tested, here are some of the results.
As you can see, with the questions asked, and the answers given, there are a lot of people that have positive reactions to failure. From looking at this data, it makes you less afraid to fail. If everyone thinks failure is a positive experience, then why is it so frowned upon? I really enjoyed seeing the results from this experiment because in a way, it proved that nobody is in a position to judge someone. Data like this can change that mindsets of individuals. This project is definitely a positive way to end stats class because I was finally able to put together a successful project with the help of Chris Roberts.

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