Thursday, January 23, 2014


During this second quarter, Isaac and I worked on a number of different projects.  We started off with our Pet Survey, but that ended up as a bust for us.  We considered that as a failure for our project as it all fell apart.  After writing our reflections on our pet survey, we started to discuss that failure.  This got us thinking about failure, which ended up being the focal point of our final project from the quarter.  

Starting this project we got help from Ms. Hegna, who helped us figure out what it was we were trying to discover and what we wanted to get our surveyees to think about.  The main questions we asked in this survey was if people have learned from past failures, whether or not they believe failure is essential to being successful in the future and if they believe failure is good.  We got a very wide variety of answers but the majority of people agreed with what we believed saying that they strongly agree for those statements.  We had a list of statements from which we had to take a small handful of statements that we thought would best evaluate their opinions.  We also wanted to make sure the survey was easy to understand.  The answers we got were very skewed, but in a good way.  Most answers we got were agreeing that failure is good, and important in being successful.  I am very pleased with our results thus far, seeing other peoples thoughts about failure.  This project has been a big help to me and will help me with real life problems and situations in my future.

If there is some things that I could change about our final project, it would be the amount of time we had available to us as we wanted to have this survey be on a much bigger scale and be sent to a number of people, instead of just teachers and students.  I think that we worked very efficiently on this project.  This project was more to me than elective points to help my grade in this class.  This project helped my views of how failing, will help you if you view it in the right mindset.  Almost every successful person has failed in their past, and that is what helps them to succeed.  

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