Friday, January 24, 2014

K/d Cause and Effect

I'll start with the basics of the project, Brady and I decided to devise a experiment to study the cause and effect relationship of the Kills to Death ratio of a game called Black Ops 2. The cause in this experiment were different attachments on the same gun, using the same map, and even using bots instead of real players. But to be completely honest, this experiment was completely made up, now yes we came up with the original idea to do this experiment and yes we did all of the work for it, but it was a kind of a pointless experiment. Because I'm pretty sure neither of us, well at least me, didn't care about the outcome of it. I guess we chose this experiment because we both had the game, we both thought it would be interesting and we both thought it would be sort of easy.

In actuality though the experiment took a pretty descent amount of time and effort. After we came up with the idea of the experiment we had to brainstorm on exactly what we were going to be doing. We had to decide how many guns to use, what guns to use, the attachments, the perks, the difficulty of the bots, how many test subjects we were going to have, we even had to decide on which map to use. And even after all of this we still had to go back to Mr. Pethan to confirm that all of these things were okay to do. On top of that we had to go find test subjects and test them, then take all of this data and plug it into Statkey to figure out what it all meant.

My favorite part about this experiment, other than working with Brady, was the conclusion that we came to after looking at the results. It turns out that having no attachment turned out to be the best choice of the attachments that we experimented with. This completely caught us off guard and was really surprising to find out.

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