Friday, January 24, 2014

Quarter 2 of Stats

This quarter I spent most of my time on two projects that I had a lot of passion for. The first one I started to work on was putting together basketball stats for the Varsity Byron Boys Basketball team. The reason I chose this project is because I was already on the basketball team as manager so I thought why not take stats and get graded for taking stats and helping the coaches see what we are doing good on and what we need improvements on. Here is an example of just one of the games we played where I kept stats on.
This game is Byron Varsity vs Dover Eyota Varsity, we won this game by quite a bit and you can see that just by looking at the score and how much we kept them from shooting. 
The other project I did this quarter was a project on the stats of all the guns in Call of Duty Ghosts. I did this project with Nate Levy & Michael Hanson. We looked up all the stats about everything little detail about each gun then we put it into a Google spreadsheet and figured out the z-scores for each category. And then we did an overall z-score of all the guns looking at what we thought were the most important qualities to have when using a gun. After we found out the top 10 best guns using our z-scores, we tested them out. Our results were not the same and figured rate of fire mattered more than we thought it did. This is an example of the graph we made.

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