Friday, January 24, 2014

For my project I wanted to find out how well of a tool Piazza was for our Statistics class. I gave a survey to the two Stats classes about Piazza. On a scale from one to ten the average of likeness of Piazza is a little over 5. That is not good. The usage was even lower with it being 3.7. Also not good. I also asked about the likes, dislikes, and whether or not we should piazza. Overall, both classes like Piazza and with some changes it could be better to the classes wants.

I found out that the best way to make Piazza better is the give points on discussing essay questions on tests., That way the classmates can learn from each other. Also everyone  is happy with getting free points. The main dislike was the layout of Piazza was hard to find things. But, there are ways to make it better with the help of some videos on the Piazza website. The other main thing was that some people found it hard to get helps with things, because not a lot of people used it. But, with the more usage, this should not be a problem. I found out that Piazza is great for Stats class, but with some minor changes it could be better. And i also found out that more than half of the two classes have are confused by the spelling of Piazza and pizza. I personally learned that people read to fast and can confuse spellings of words between words like Piazza and pizza. Also I was decent in giving the survey because the average likeness of my survey was 6.7.  

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