Friday, January 24, 2014

Paws and claws visitor sheets

During this quarter Ian and I went to Paws and Claws and asked if they had any data for us to enter. They gave us a huge container full visitor sheets, these sheets contained information about the person visiting and there interests in adopting. The first step was to set up a document so that data entry would become quick and efficient. After entering about 100 sheets I looked at the data and found out that most of their visitors are planing on adopting an animals in there care. I also found out that people who visit Paws and Claws are more likely to be between the ages of 25 and 44. This is important because Paws and Claws are able market toward this age group rather than wasting money on an age bracket that rarely comes in. I also found out that over half of there visitors have children. This is also important information because then Paws and Claws is able to train there animals to be more child friendly. With this new information Paws and Claws will be able to increase there adoption rates and find more animals loving homes. Other things that I looked at where other pets, if they had their shots, what length of hair for their cat do they want, if they want their cat declawed or not, and also if the cat will be inside or out. All of this data found nothing conclusive enough to prove anything.

During this project I learned how to use Google drive to create and survey and with the help of Mr. Pethan I was able to view the summary in a quick and easy way. After I finished entering in 100 sheets of data I changed the set up to include all the questions so that Paws & Claws will be able to use this form in the future. The very first set up I made did not include the names and contact information of the people because that would first take too long and second would be a volition in privacy. I added that afterward to the form so that this form could be used in the future.

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