Tuesday, March 31, 2015

College Infograph

College Info graphic - Samantha 

The first I ever heard of Stats that it was really hard and boring. You did a lot of homework with only a few projects. I decided to stay in Stats though. I remember that the first day felt like the begging of the end of my life. 

But when Mr. Pethan put us into our groups for the first projects I was really excited because we were doing real stats stuff and having fun. We tried to do a stratified random sample of the juniors and seniors. We wanted to know what these students were going to do after school. Our original data was proportional tot he amount of students are in each grade. I was very surprised that alot of the juniors we surveyed  had never been on a college visit. I also found it surprising that their were a few students who were not going to college and not going into the military either.

We were not so successful with our first survey method of organizes a way to give our survey and set up they was it perceived by people. When we got our feedback from Mr. Pethan we didn't do so hot on our grade. But after many hours of coming in before class and during lunch I made a better version of my info graph and re sent my infograph and got a better grade to improve my score. 


We got found out that a little bit of half of people are ready for college. Most seniors have been on 1 or more college visits compared to juniors who most haven't even been on one.  The majority of junior and seniors are going to go to college, where as on 28% of both grade are going to go into the military. Then we were surprised that just under half of students plan on going to an instate college. While 33% are going out of state and the other 20% hasn't decide where to go or if they are going at all.

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