Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spencers infographic poster


graph 1
        For this project we interviewed 44 students at Byron High School about a handful of movie related questions. we got a lot of good results but we thought it would be a lot better with a bigger sample size. Before this project I didn't know really anything about surveying and what we need to do to make a good survey. It was a very new experience for me. I've made presentations but I learned how to make a good graph and how to layout the graphs on slides to make it interesting. I think this was a good project for your to understand the main basis behind stats and to start to get an understanding in what the class is really all about.
graph 2
        In Graph 1 we asked students what aspects of movies are most important to making a good movie. The responses were even with cast and writing at 35% and special effects coming in third. Nothing came as to much of a surprise in this graph the data was pretty predictable. In Graph 2 we asked if they preferred a TV series or a movie. It was a pretty even split but movies was a little higher. This was interesting because I directly related this to Netflix users and which one was more used on Netflix TV shows or movies.

graph 3
       In Graph 3 we asked them their perfered way to watch a movie (Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, etc). The obvious majority was Netflix and that to me was very predictable. Netflix is crazy booming business with a huge outlet of users. In Graph 4 we asked their preferred genre of movie. Comedy and action movies had the biggest fans and are two of my favorites too but I expected more Sci-Fi lovers than the survey suggested.

graph 4
       All and all this project was my favorite. We had fun with our results and for this being our firsts survey and project we really learned the true meaning of a survey.  I'm proud of our end product but if I could give advise to anyone else it would be the make the presentation something you could look at in a magazine and not just flip the page cause its boring. Make it something that will catch your attention and keep you there.

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