Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When i first signed up for stats I was not excited to take another math class. But after awhile I noticed that this really isn't even a math class. It's mostly projects. Which really helps with learning each section. And I really started to enjoy this class. I learned how to give a survey and read the data correctly. As well as making a project including the data. Which was my favorite project from this quarter. 

Infographic Project:
The part of the cycle that was more difficult than I expected was finding out the margins of error. There is nothing you can really do to help find that cause it is just confusing. 
The most enjoyable part of the cycle was collecting the data and looking at the results. Not all of the questions went the way I thought they would.

The biggest source of bias in our data collected was either household income or in house chores such as sweeping. We assumed that most women did the sweeping but after the survey we found that most men do as well. Some people could be lying about the household income.
We could improve the margin of error by asking more or even all of the Byron School District teachers. It would be worth the extra effort if we were trying to prove someone wrong about one of the questions we asked.

Yes it was worth it, and I am proud of the final project. Plus we had an interesting topic to learn about. If I could give future students advise i would tell them to ask questions that interest them not questions just to get the project done.

Our group did a good job of splitting up the work and all getting our data collected. The only frustrating this was not being able to help out with the graphs because they were on one computer so only that person could really work on it. As the project went on we all began to have more input on what the graphs should look like and how the data should be presented. It kind of helped. We got to tell each other what we needed to do differently which was good. But for the most part nothing changed.

During this project i learned how to make a survey, give a survey, analyze the data, and how to present the data in an interesting way. This project really helped me with understanding this unit so it was a great project. The project is also going to be useful for future references if I ever need to make a presentation that hold a lot of information but is also very easy to read and follow along. 


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