Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quarter 1: Favorite Project

Info Graphic 

"Could you please take my survey?" For my info graphic project I was partners with Sarah and Andrew. We decided that for our info graphic our population would be the junior class. We asked juniors about their home lives, things like "do you have pets" and "if so how many", "do you have a job" and "if so, where". A survey needed to be put together, so we made a simple survey on  the questions we wanted to ask. After this was complete, we used a simple random sample to find the people to survey; by using the class list we generated randoms numbers and found the person it matched with. Asking people was the hardest part because some people were impossible to find, some were sick and some were on vacation. After we got all the data, we made graphs pertaining to the information gathered. We made our info graphic very simple and easy to read with good graphs.

By doing the info graphic project I learned a lot. I learned simple things like how to make good graphs and how to organize the graphs for the most impact. Making the poster simple to read and easy flowing was another thing that took time. We wanted to make it visually appealing. Not only did I learn the simple things that will help with other classes, but I learned a lot about how to take what we were learning and apply it. By doing this I got to see the steps to making a good survey and how hard it is to find good information.

Overall, this was my favorite project because by applying what we were learning helped me learn it better. Even though it was hard to find some of the people and this made it challenging. It made me realize that this is what real statisticians have to deal with and make a solution to the little problems that come up in their projects. This was the best project out of the quarter because it was fun and we did learn something. This project made me realize that the little details do matter because they can wreck or make the project. By organizing the project like we did made it so much better. It made it easier to read and flowed well.

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