Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Favorite Stats Project

Infographic Project

Before this quarter even started I heard a lot of rumors about this class. Most of the rumors were good. I heard that this stats class has a lot of projects and it is mostly an independent class. Going into this class I was not quite sure I would like it because I learn better with lectures and taking notes. As this quarter went on, I realized that these projects we are doing are actually teaching me a lot. It is nice to have a hands on type of class and be able to work at our own pace for the most part, but still learn. The first project we did in this class was the infographic project. The project gave me a basic understanding on how to ask questions, make people answer the questions, and also find the margin of error. Basically, this project was a good project to start out with because it gave a good introduction to what we would learn throughout the rest of the quarter. 

At the end of this quarter, I decided that my favorite project that I did was the Infographic project. It was my favorite project because we had a lot of fun creating the theme and searching for people to take our survey. For the Infographic project, my group and I decided we would do a movies theme. My group figured out a way to have graphs that look like film, popcorn, and so much more! I also enjoyed the fact that we were given the time to play around on piktochart. The time given to us allowed us to have the best project we could do at the time.  

To begin this project, we came up with 6 questions to ask. Then we chose our population. Our population was students at Byron High School. We did a simple random sample and chose 10 students from each grade. The questions were simply about movies. For an example, we asked a question about what your favorite snack was while at the movies. The results showed that 54% of high school students at Byron decided they like to eat popcorn while watching a movie. This was kind of surprising to me because I though more would like to eat popcorn. 

I guess I could say, my favorite part of this project was making the design on piktochart! 

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