Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Infographic Poster

My favorite project that we did was the infograph because it was our first project that we did and it helped us better understand ways to find good data and how to communicate our results. I think that the most difficult part that I wasn't expecting was gathering the data on our own time. I think that it could change to us going into classrooms and asking for their participation in our survey. It was hard to do it on our own time if we have to go to work after school and aren't in a sport. We can do it during lunch but then it seems repetitive with other infographs because we all have the same population.

It was enjoyable that we had enough time in class to work on the graphs with our groups, however, whenever we take quizzes during our work time it became hard for us to work as a group because at least 1 person had to retake a quiz every time so not everyone would work on the graph. I learned more about how to work as a group and how to finish things efficiently. I also think that it helps us to know the skills better.

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