Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Infographic Project

From this project, I learned many things.  The first being what exactly a categorical variable is.  This helped pave the way for the rest of the quarter since we dealt with categorical data the whole time.  Another thing I learned was how to set up an interesting survey for people to take.  This is important in gathering data and it puts it all into an organized chart to take the information out.  Even with all that, you still need to do a random sampling of people, which is another thing I learned how to do.  To do this, there are many options.  You can do a completely random sample, or even a cluster sampling to get the information you need with the least amount of bias.

The first challenge I faced during this project was finding the people we had got in our random sample, and getting them to take the survey.  We either didn't know who they were, couldn't find them, or couldn't get them to take time out of their day to take it.  This could have posed a threat to our data if we had not overcome this by either making them take it, or taking more samples than we needed just in case there were some people we couldn't find.

Making everything visually appealing was an important, and fun, part of this project.  It helped with social skills because you had to know what people liked and wanted to see in a graph and if they would be able to decipher what was being said easily.  I felt that the graph making was an enjoyable part of the project, and helped me when we had to present the information.  You could tell with some groups that the person presenting didn't know the information because he or she didn't help with the presentation.  It was easy for me to present the information clearly because I knew what information was there and how to explain it easily.

Most of the results from the movie survey we did were pretty predictable.  One of these was what their preferred choice to watch a movie was.  This was Netflix.  Obviously, it is the most convenient way to watch a movie and it has a lot of options.  It came to no surprise that it was the preferred choice by most people.

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