Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Prom Infographic

My favorite project was the infographic assignment. My group took a stratified random sample of people in 10th-12th grade. We asked people a variety of questions about prom and post prom.  I feel like this was a good choice for a topic because it is relevant because it is prom season. I liked the fact that we asked people from both genders.  This allowed us to compare the two and see what guys thought vs what girls thought. If I were to redo this project, I would not survey sophomores. A lot of them won't be going to prom, and it just made our data skewed.

Out of all of the graphs on our infographic, the last one is my favorite. It is about how much people plan to spend on prom. I think the way that we made our graph was really cool.  It was also interesting to compare how much girls plan on spending versus what the guys plan on spending. The results shown on this graph were basically what I expected.  Most girls spend a ton of money on a dress, shoes, hair, nails, etc., while guys only spend like $150-200 on a tux.  I was really surprised that two guys said that they planned to spend more than $601.

Another graph that I found interesting was the one about excitement levels.  Girls were much more excited than guys, which is somewhat to be expected. We found that senior guys were much more excited than sophomore or junior guys.  I thought that this was interesting since most seniors have been to prom before and you would think that the people that haven't gone before would be much more excited than the ones that have.

This project was my favorite because of the freedom we had. We got to choose the topic that we wanted to survey people about.  We could basically choose whatever we thought would be interesting.  This was nice because it allowed us to become more involved in the project. I also liked the freedom we had when designing our infographic. We got to express our own creativity.

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