Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mitch's Infographic Project

The most enjoyable project I got to work on this quarter was the infographic. This was the most enjoyable because we got to conduct a survey on whatever we wanted to work on. This made the project very fun, because we could take the information we collected and display it in a way that we wanted to.

We designed our survey to yield information regarding gender roles in our teachers at Byron High School. Out of the survey, we received 38 responses: 22 males and 16 females.

Once we collected this information, we interpreted it and found which data sets were most surprising and interesting. One of the categories that stood out was our 'Household Income' category. Of our sample, 79% of men reported having a larger income than their wife. Since this is a relatively lop-sided proportion, we decided to display this in a pie chart to show the large difference.

One odd question we decided to ask was, "Which side of the bed do you sleep on?" Unfortunately, this question didn't yield any interesting results. If it would have, however, it would be intriguing to find out why this happened.

The best work I did on this project was on the layout of the infographic itself. I made everything uniformed so it would be easy to interpret for readers. Purple means the stat pertains to boys, and pink is for girls. Additionally, I wanted to add the purple line that guides the reader's eye from one chart to the next.

Overall, this project was great because we were able to, basically, do whatever we wanted within reasonable limit.

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