Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Our first project of this quarter was the infographic project.  Through out the first quarter I think this was the most educational project\ way to learn.  I had a little bit of fun with it and learned a lot from it.  My group and I asked students about their home life.  For example how many pets they have and how many have jobs.  This project did a good job of showing how stats can help get information.  The project was interesting in itself but it also showed how to make different graph to show data.  It was fun to see how everyone responded to all the questions.  I made guesses before asking on how the answers would play out and it did not always follow along what I thought. We had to collect data appropriately for the situation. I never knew the type of questions and names to go along with all of that.  Bad data just wrecks the project.  So smart data with no bias is a must. I enjoyed how creative we got to be with the project.  How you present the data is important as well.  If you do not present it well no one will care to look at it.  Then your project goes to waste.  We as a group had to agree with what we choose but all together it was a pretty fun project.  This project was very educational.

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